What hinders your Worship?

“In the temple courts he found men selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money” John 2: 14

Hindrance to Worship

Hindrance to Worship

The gentle man, who always helped others and taught them to love others, took a cord and used it as a whip to drive out people selling at the temple courts. This image disturbs many. Why Jesus was so fierce? Was he against the temple sacrifice?

No! He was against the seller occupying the temple courts meant for worship of the gentiles.

Gentiles and women were allowed till the temple courts to worship God. But enterprising officials of the temple allowed sellers to encroach on the place meant for worship.

Officials could give the best reasons for this practice. Those who came from far off would need things for sacrifice. We are only facilitating them to worship God while adding some revenue to the temple.

But Jesus condemned it. He wanted EVERYONE to have equal opportunity to worship God. It is not okay for only Jews to worship but also for the gentiles and women.

The practice of selling hindered their worship. Jesus put an end to this.

In our Churches, there could be something which seems right from human point of view but hinders worship – hinders someone from coming to the presence of God. Beware! It is not the revenue, but souls which are important.

In our lives, there could be something which hinders us from worshiping God in truth and spirit. Let us get rid of them and worship Him freely.

What hinders your worship? Think! Act! Get rid of it!


About Rev. John Jebaseelan

A Servant of God who strives to live a Word-abiding Life and bring glory to God.
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