“For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel” 1 Cor 1: 17

Priorites 1

Paul had a clear conviction of what God wanted him to do. He had priorities in his ministry. He was not attempting to do whatever his hand finds but focused on his calling to preach the gospel. By saying that ‘preaching’ is his focus, he is not minimizing the role of baptism. Instead he says that it is not his primary work in God’s vineyard.

Among the list of things a Christian minster should and could do, Paul had his priorities. His choice was not between good and evil but between two GOODs. He understood his calling clearly and focused his attention and energy on fulfilling that particular mission.

Even Jesus had to face the pressure. Mark 1: 35 – 39 tells us that Jesus went to pray early in the morning and his disciples came searching for him. They wanted him to come back to Simon’s house where a huge crowd was waiting to see him. But Jesus had other plans. He said, “Let us go somewhere else – to the nearby villages – so I can preach there also. That is why I have come” (v. 38).


This is true in our lives also. We are also faced with different dilemmas – what should be our priorities? Especially when both options are good, should we do both the things?

Here priorities play a crucial role.

We should focus on our priorities. We can’t be doing several things at the same time. If we do that we won’t be doing them effectively. One big enemy against setting priorities is trying to do what is popular and well received in society or imitating others. But if we are sure of our calling we will avoid this pitfall.

So like Paul we need to set our priorities. We should strive to possess a clear cut vision of what God wants us to do in our lives without expending my energy on other things.

Be it ministry or whatever area of life, we need to set our priorities


About Rev. John Jebaseelan

A Servant of God who strives to live a Word-abiding Life and bring glory to God.
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